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“If, in case this doesn’t pass”

— Chelsea Dingman




            If horses run along my veins. If lightning

filters my blood. If the leaves autumn 

                                  early in fall. If the seasons

                       never changed, but stayed. If the rain is just 

rain is just rain is just rain. If my great grandpa

             hadn’t passed when I was 

young. If I still wore the socks

                                               he gave me. If I wait

                         for the day I can see him

                                      again, and when the horses

come home. When 

            will they come home? If I never fell

in love. If the socks 

                                                 still fit. If my horse was still 

                        mine. If lightning struck 

                                    the horses. If the lightning

stopped. If lightning. If the horses still 

            ran, each beat drumming.

                                                 If autumn leaves 

                                      never fell. If my best 

                          friend didn’t live 

                          so far. If my friend

didn’t live. If my horse

            is just a horse. If lightning

is just light. 

- - - - - - - - -

Josey Zeunges is an undergraduate student at Salisbury University. She is double majoring in both English Creative Writing and Business Marketing. Josey works as a marketing intern for Shore Poetry and is an assistant editor of her school's literary magazine, the Scarab.

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